Nebraska RN jobs...looking for one!

  1. Hi Allnurses,

    I just recently moved to NE in June and I just recently passed the NCLEX in September. I know I have been applying for RN jobs in the Bellevue-Omaha area, but so far it has been a week and nothing...not even a phone call! I have received "rejection emails" which are not very motivating from two places. I might have a potential for this one job, but who knows. So far I feel that I have applied to every possible place, even though I just started on this career search journey. I don't want to lose hope. I just need some suggestions of what jobs are possibly available and encouragement to keep my head up and not be discouraged. I've already read some posts about the nursing job market and it's not looking too pretty right now. I'm looking for anything that I can possibly get at this point...I'm not picky at all! Just to get my foot in the door someplace would make me happy.
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  3. by   webmansx
    Hi ghettogenius2010, I see you had written this a while back, hope you have a job by now, if not :
    Creighton University medical center is hiring. The med surg floor are pretty desperate at this time. A lot of nurse have left. They also have a new grad program as well. Go to and you can browse around and see what you can get.
    A word of warning though: be prepared to be over worked, underpaid and under appreciated. Just get your foot in the door, get some experience and look for another place.
    Good luck