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Clarkson College - BSN program

  1. 0 Hello, all.
    I am wondering what experiences (good or bad) that Clarkson College has to offer. I am thinking of attending this school, and I haven't heard any personal experiences. Thanks in advance!

    By the way, I am asking about the BSN program.
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    I guess I'll find out! Accepted!
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    when is your start date?
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    This January, spring 2012. FINALLY SOMEBODY RESPONDED!
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    Congrats on getting accepted! Are you already in Omaha or will you be moving here?
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    Thanks! I am already living in Omaha. (:
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    see ya in class....
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    Quote from Me-erThanMe
    This January, spring 2012. FINALLY SOMEBODY RESPONDED!
    I would have PM ya... (Need more post)
    Congrats to you!
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    awesome! It's going to be a fun time!
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    How many people get accepted into the BSN program? I just applied for the Fall 2012 LPN program and they only accept 24 people. I'm very nervous and hope that i am good enough!
    Congrats to you!
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    I think I PM'd you SKIP but I don't think it sent. I currently attend an A.S.N program in Kentucky & I am moving to Omaha in August. I will be applying to start spring 2015. It's a bummer my nursing classes won't transfer... But I would love your input and advice about the program. My program was pretty much every day with clinicals once a week for 8 hours. Is the workload overloading? What is the teaching format? My previous instructors used powerpoints pretty much. We also have labs and we had 3 chances to pass the skill and if you didn't pass you were out. (Is clarkson like this)... Also, how were the grades mostly calculated? anything below a 76 in my program was failing. What was the attendance rule? Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions. My husband is in the military & we just found out the other day we were moving to Omaha.. And I'm super stressed about finding a new school.

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