Passing the Nclex first try in 75 questions!!!

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    How you can pass the nclex on the first try and what helped me personally the most :)

    Passing the Nclex first try in 75 questions!!!

    Hi everyone. If you are a nursing student who is about to graduate, or you recently have graduated, then this article is for you. As I am writing this, just know that I sat for the Nclex 3 days ago and passed on the first try, with 75 questions!

    First things first. Nursing school was hard for me to grasp and some standard subjects took me a while to understand. Our school was able to bring in an Nclex prep teacher named Diana Lane. However, if you don't live in Florida no problem! She has DVDs and a work book that goes along with her 3 day review and trust, it will change your life. All together I believe the pricing is $200? For the materials but you can always split the cost with a friend and share the DVDs. A lot of us did that.

    I also bought UWorld for 30 days and paid $79.00 after tax. A really awesome thing about the new version of Uworld is that it comes with 2 assessments you can take to tell you if you will score high on the nclex. In case you are wondering, the first assessment I scored a 55% with the average being a 56%. So that put me as having a "high" chance of passing. The second assessment I took 4 days later and scored a 66% with the average being a 56% and that put me as passing the nclex at "very high" chance. Throughout my time using Uworld, (I bought it last minute and only used it for a week and a half) I scored high 50's middle 60's with an average of 60% on practice exams. If you aren't making 80's and 90's don't freak out! Remediate the hell out of the content and move on! I don't care what anyone says, Uworld literally saved my life.

    The lane review and Uworld combined? Well my friends that is just life changing. Overall to pass I only spent $79.00 out of pocket. Our school provided us with the lane review and the materials free of charge, but like I said, get a buddy and split the cost. I studied probably 6 hrs a day with the lane review content and did between 100-150 practice questions on Uworld. I took 8 weeks to really study and make sure I was PREPARED! If you aren't ready, don't sit for the exam!!!!!!! I prayed everyday and fellowshipped with God, I ran every other day to keep a clear mind, and I still had to work the current job I had.

    All in all, I was confident when I sat, and I went into the exam believing I had already passed. You have to stay positive. You have to build your spiritual self, physical self, mental self to go through that stress. When the computer shut off I cried and cried because I didn't feel like I was ready to be done. I know that sounds crazy, but when you want 75 questions, you really want 76 lol overall if you struggle with content, you need the lane review. If money is the issue you have to suck it up and tell yourself that it will pay off the FIRST time you pass. Uworld is amazing to enhance that critical thinking and the screen and setup looks EXACTLY like the nclex screen. So you get prepared for all of that.

    If you're reading this, good luck! Don't forget to breathe and don't let others sike you out. Just because so and so passed with 120 or 265 doesn't mean you can't pass with 75 questions, or hell, pass at all.

    Believe you can and you will. "...Be not afraid, only believe." -Mark 5:36
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  3. by   martina143
    Hello everyone,THIS POST IS PARTICULARLY DEDICATED FOR CANADIAN CNO CANDIDATES WHO ARE GETTING READY FOR NCLEX RN CANADA.hi..i am from brampton .i wrote exam on april 6th and got my results today..i passed..i would like to share a few things..UWORLD IS highly recommended and NCSBN learning extention ,especially those drug portions are really good and definitely help the candidates to get thru the exam easily..As a foreign nurse from INDIA ,i struggled a lot, but passed my nclex rn in 1st attempt with 75 questions.Those two question banks are highly recommended.PVT STILL WRK FOR CANADA.I got a good pop up when i put all credit card information with wrong CCV..It absolutely works..CNO will send results onlu thru mail...and may take 4weeks.If any concerns regarding canadian RN exam please feel free to ask.Thank you
  4. by   SobreRN
    It has been a long time for me passing with 75. I just figured there was no way I was going to pinpoint 2 years of nursing school; I studied everything to death in school and knew all materiel well; I surmised NCLEX was an overview and had heard that most of the questions were best judgment wherein say two could be correct but one of the two was the better option. I don't really have test anxiety which helped immensely, I was very excited when it stopped at 75. Although I had heard that could also occur with abject failure to this day I know of no one who had test stop at 75 and failed. Went with a friend who was riddled with anxiety as questions went to > 200. He's a great RN, hit the ground running much better than I as a new grad. I believe he just had a little trouble do to English being his 2nd language. As for remembering to breathe I second that emotion; don't let yourself get too nervous if it exceeds 75 kids!