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In early December 2010, I finished nursing school. I opted to take the NCLEX right away because I had new years eve on the horizon quickly followed by a snowboarding trip to whistler. Needless to say, I was about to lose a... Read More

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    thank you for your post! i am in pure agony waiting for results of my nclex-rn boards. i received all 265 questions which shocked me since i thought i was doing real well for the first 75. after question 100, i was paralyzed and crying during my test! i got a ton of sata ?'s and hard drug and infectious disease questions that i had never heard of in my 8 years in the medical field and 4 yrs of being an lvn! the only thing i can cling to is that i am getting the "good pop-up" on the pearson site. but today, i am starting to doubt the accuracy of that trick

    i took boards on august 31st 2011 and it is now september 7th! it is exactly one week since that dreadful day. we did have labor day on monday so i was expecting my posted results to be delayed a little, but today marks the 3rd true business day since my test and "no record found" is still popping up! almost all of my classmates saw their names on the brn after the 3rd day! i graduated in may, finished algebra 2 this summer and my transcripts were sent in 3 1/2 weeks ago, so i don't think that is the problem.

    i am going to call the brn today just to confirm that they do have my transcripts. maybe i'll get lucky and some nice person will know my pain and slip me my results. a classmate did that and was told over the phone!

    i'll keep you all posted on my result and let you know whether the "trick" worked for me or not...

    in torturous pain,
    t. renee

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    thank you all for the encouraging stories but I am feeling so down right now that nothing seems to work for me. I took my nclex for the second time and found out the same day that I failed when I did the pearson vue trick. I am so discourage and feel that I am a failure. My kids and family think I passed and I really haven't told anyone just some friends. I feel depress to know that after I work so hard during nursing school, I have failed for a second time. I truly believe in God and know that he will guide me but sometimes I ask where was he when I was asking him to help me during my test. I left that testing site crying and hoping for a miracle but a miracle was short of happening. I still believe in my God almighty....don't know why i am going through all this but I just know that one day things will fall in its place....i would really take any kind of advice right now. I been doing the questions in the Kaplan but believe me them questions were so different than the nclex....just feeling like a looser and can't stop crying....
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    I too took my boards and failed. What I learned the most from it is that people are more accepting then you think. Everything happens for a reason.
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    Thanks a lot for writing an article about your experience while taking the nclex. I knew it helped a lot of readers searching for tips on how to pass and patiently wait for the result of the board exam. I took the nclex just this morning and I am anxiously waiting for my results to come up. I wanted to do the PVT but unsure of its accuracy. Actually, as I am replying now, I would say that I am still in a trance. I hope I'll pass the nclex. It was definitely a hard exam to hurdle but I want to think positively. To God be the glory. Again, good luck to those who will still take the exam and congratulations to all who passed! God bless us all...
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    Good article and offers a glimmer of hope. Took NCLEX yesterday and it sounded like my test was similar to yours. I am going to pay to get the results in a day or so. I studied ATI and Saunders 6 hrs per day for two weeks. When I started taking the test my heart sank. I am pretty sure I did not pass and if I did I will be stunned. Oh well......
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    Thanks for reminding me to be patient and hold out!

    I tested a week ago today and my results still haven't been posted. I had heard people getting a different pop up on pearson vue than I've been getting, but I'm still getting the "you've tested recently" one and it doesn't let me pay. I'm still holding on and waiting to see. I left feeling pretty confident that I'd passed. My Kaplan review tests were going super well. I just had a TON of SATA and don't really know how they went. You guys know how that is...I finished in 75 and I don't see how I could have done so well on my exit HESI and my Kaplans and not have passed on the first try, I'm sure that I just need to wait and see my name on the BON list! Other students that I graduated with (about three weeks ago) have passed and are already registered, so I REALLY hope it's not long now!
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    thank you for your story.

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