I survived the NCLEX-RN - page 4

Hello, fellow nurses. Like everyone else, I also had that dream to become a nurse someday. It wasn't an easy road for me. I took it a couple of times and wasn't fortunate. I knew deep inside of me... Read More

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    your story is very inspiring. I also pray to Mt Carmel, St Jude and St Joseph de Cupertino. I did not pass the first time, I will be taking it again at the end of November, any tips or material you used that were helpful will be very much appreciated.

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    congrats for ur success! ill be taking my nclex exam this dec. any tips??? that would really be of great help..
    as in im totally scared right now..because i don't hav that much time to study.. i am doing my self review at home and currently working in the hospital huhuhuhu...its really tiring and sometimes i dont hav the energy to study huhuhuhu...HELP!!

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