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Hello, fellow nurses. Like everyone else, I also had that dream to become a nurse someday. It wasn't an easy road for me. I took it a couple of times and wasn't fortunate. I knew deep inside of me... Read More

  1. by   gables86
    Thanks for sharing your story. I took mine yesterday for the first time and did not get the good pop up. I haven't stopped crying, specially after receiving the results with the big FAIL in capital letter, what a horrible feeling, never thought to be in this position, after endless weeks of studying which I thought would be over soon and now I have to start all over again
  2. by   Kls1979
    So this question may be have been ask already but how long should you give yourself to prepare for boards? I graduated in may, took a 3 month break because I was burnt out and now I'm kicking myself in the butt as I feel I've forgotten everything. I took the hurst review online, have listened to the lectures once, taken 3 of the Q reviews and have bombed them. I'm scheduled to take boards in 5 days. If I study most of those days do you feel that's enough time to prepare? Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated! The stress I went through in nursing school has once again started it
  3. by   S384
    Quote from elmojklmno
    Hello, fellow nurses. Like everyone else, I also had that dream to become a nurse someday. It wasn't an easy road for me. I took it a couple of times and wasn't fortunate. I knew deep inside of me that I want this, but I had poor study habits. I realized that if you want something so bad, you have to do things you have never done before.

    For nine months, NCLEX became my life. I wake up everyday thinking: Will I ever pass this test? There were times that I told myself that I don't have the intelligence to pass this exam. I had that period where I almost gave up on myself. Thank God for my family and friends, they told me that I CAN and that I WILL.

    For my first two attempts, I did self review. Had a bunch of books, read them left and right, stuff them in my brain until I overload myself with infos that I just memorized, but did NOT understand. After I failed for the second time, I told myself that something is not working right, that I need some help. I swallowed my pride and asked for help, for someone to finance my review.

    That was probably the smartest decision that I have made. I enrolled in the online Hurst review. I am not connected to them or anything, but that review center gave me my confidence back, and they helped me to build that confidence, the killer instinct and the optimism to pass.

    I studied for 2 1/2 months, watching the videos, taking down notes. I studied for 3 hours in the afternoon and 4 hours at night. I put away all of my previous resources. I sticked with Hurst and La Charity. I believe that it's not about how many sources you have. It's about the quality of your study plan. If you can say it, you can lecture it, YOU KNOW IT.

    I also met an angel in allnurses. We helped each other out. Ate, thank you.

    Took my exam last Monday. It was very hard and different than my previous takes. Halfway through I started crying because I am certain that I am failing because the questions are too damn hard. I had 12 SATA, infection control, teachings, 2 drag and drop, 1 exhibit, 3 dosage and calc and TONS and TONS of prioritization. Computer shut off at 75, left the testing center shocked and crying, called my family to apologize and told them that I failed them again. Went home, did the PVT and to my horror, I got my dream good pop up. I broke down and start thanking God. I am prepared whether pass or fail but seeing the good pop up is the best thing ever.

    Today I paid for the quickresults and I passed. I made it. The victory is sweeter because I had to go through all the pain, failure, embarrassment and frustration. God knows the perfect time for everything. In His own sweet time.

    To those who will take it the first time, you guys can do it. For those who took it and failed, DO NOT GIVE UP. I can't stress that enough. Continue to pray, have that child like faith and confidence in Him. I prayed to St.Jude, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, did the novena of child like confidence and St. Joseph of Cupertino (do this everyday).

    If I can be of any help, just send me a message. Everytime I pray, I tell Him that if I make it, I will help my fellow future nurses. And here I am, fulfilling that promise to Him. I'll be happy to send some words of encouragement and study tips.

    Thank you for this wonderful site. I made it, I am a USRN. God is good. God bless everyone!
    Hey..congratulations.....mine story is same....thanks to share your views with all nurses.... I'm also doing la charity and Hurst review....I'm done with chapter 7th of Lachairty book...Starting hurst review soon.....please give some more suggestions how can I study,,,I really need help....o yeah and m planning to give test end of sept.....help me please and pray for me,,,I'm so s a red this time don't wana fail another time.....thanks a lot...
  4. by   elmojklmno
    Hi, everyone! Sorry i havent been on for a while. I will send PMs to all the people who posted questions or needed help. Beat NCLEX and get that license!
  5. by   kettlyfindingme
    your story is very inspiring. I also pray to Mt Carmel, St Jude and St Joseph de Cupertino. I did not pass the first time, I will be taking it again at the end of November, any tips or material you used that were helpful will be very much appreciated.
  6. by   annamia
    congrats for ur success! ill be taking my nclex exam this dec. any tips??? that would really be of great help..
    as in im totally scared right now..because i don't hav that much time to study.. i am doing my self review at home and currently working in the hospital huhuhuhu...its really tiring and sometimes i dont hav the energy to study huhuhuhu...HELP!!