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please respond with a list of nursing apps for android users.... Read More

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    so far skyscape is the number one free app I've found for looking up drugs and procedures. I've used medscape, webmd, epocrates and a couple others. None of them compare.

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    I have: Medscape, Micromedex, PubMed Mobile, & WebMD
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    Although its not exactly a 'resource', I like the app/game called Prognosis, it gives patient scenarios and you decide how to assess and treat them and see if you're right. Afterwards it gives a pretty in depth explanation of the diagnosis and what to assess/appropriate treatments etc, and then you can comment or discuss it w/others who did that scenario. Each patient case is written by diff. physicians around the world, usually based off cases they've had, and although some are no brainers, there's been a few that stumped me but taught me something new. I also like the discussion board at the end where people post why they did certain treatments based on how they practice medicine in other countries, and I've even been able to teach a few of them a thing or two lol...
    Its totally free app, new cases posted weekly, nd they're working on releasing a second version that's based specifically in cardiology, both that and the original are also available on iphone. Hope ya like it ;-)

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    - MedLab Tutor (free)
    - Davis Drug Guide ($50)
    - MD&R (free)

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