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  1. Just saw on the 10pm news. Due to last weeks weather, the well at this facility froze and has been w/o running water for at least a few days. Instead of evacuating the property, the residents were given bottled water, the bathrooms were all out of order (toilets/sinks), soiled linens unable to be cleaned, no mention of how the meals were prepared or what they were prepared on. Someone living in the area discovered what was going on and reported it. When authorities arrived to investigate, the persons in charge of emergencies like these began the process of evacuating the residents and a company was contacted to repair the well, pipes, etc...Evacuation plans and repair plans began only after the facility's conditions were discovered. A member of the team in charge of inspecting the facility reported that the conditions inside were unlivable, septic, and the odor was something they hadn't experienced. Investigators have been unable to track down the owner and those involved w/ the facility don't seem to have any contact info on the owner either.

    This is HORRIFYING!!!! I know that a lot of elderly are never visited by family or friends. How did they manage to get 30-odd people in one place w/ no ties to the outside. Nevermind, it totally could be done. The weather could also make it difficult for visits, but they must have known someone would show up eventually?!?!? An employee reported off-camera that the well hasn't frozen this bad in a long time. SO, this isn't the first time these poor residents have had to live in such conditions. This is the first time the facility got caught!!!! Will those involved will receive any punishment? Doesn't this fall under abuse, neglect, and exploitation? Scary to think what will be found during the building inspection. A thorough audit/investigation should be done. How did this facility pass state inspections and meet code requirements? What is the money paid to the facility for each resident being used for? How is the facility paid? If by private, gov't, charities....is there a chance for fraud? How did they get away w/ this and for how long?

    NOW!!! To those who kept quiet in order to make money, you are worse than the excrement filled toilets. How can you live w/ yourself? To those who kept quiet in order to save their jobs, you are also worse than the excrement filled toilets. These residents were once like you, regular people, trying to make ends meet AND you didn't protect them. That could be you down the road!!! One day some of you might find yourself totally dependent on the care of others, imagine having to live like that. No where to go, no one to protect you. Karma might pay you a visit someday.

    This happened more than once. How did they manage to keep the anyone from telling? Fear tactics?
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    Hopefully none the residents' health were affected. Hopefully proper measures were taking to avoid cross contamination when moving the residents to other facilities. UTI, conjunctivitis, MRSA, C DIFF can spread very easily.