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I'm starting in the fall 2013 and wanted to see if there was anyone else starting then. I'll be in the upper division at Goldfarb BSN program. Orientation starts on August 8th and I'm excited to... Read More

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    Hi Bree! I'll be starting UD Fall 2013 with you at CWE!!
    I'm super excited and Nervous.
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    Ill be going through trenches at the same time!! At the CWE location.
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    Hi, I am starting this fall at CWE location too. I am so excited. How do you guys know what books we need already?
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    It is on their website. Not exactly sure if it want is needed, but it will give you an idea.

    GSON Bookstore Home Page
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    Thanks. I have also heard Patho is hard. If you are at CWE location I have heard if we have Dr. Pennington it is wise to record his lectures. His exams are based heavily on them.
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