Starting Pay for Springfield RN?

  1. 0 I am in Texas and will be moving to Springfield after I graduate in May. Does anyone know what the starting pay is in Springfield for graduate nurses? Just curious. Thanks!
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    $17.25 at Cox and $17.35 at St. John's for day shift.
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    Wow! that is a lot lower than here in Dallas. It is around $24 here. I guess the cost of living is a lot lower there though. Is the shift differential pretty good?
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    Night diff is about $3.00/hr at either place.

    Cox does not pay a weekend diff unless you work a weekend option job and you specifically work every single weekend. I'm not sure if St. John's has a weekend diff or not.
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    Wow that sucks, I make the same amount as the base pay plus diff as an lpn in the kansas city area working days with no weekends.
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    I would say it is a safe guess that the cost of living is lower in Spfld than KC or other large city.
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    Yeah I guess, I mean I know that pay varies depending on location and stuff. It just makes me a little nervous I will likely be moving to the Columbia area, any idea what pay is like there, for either LPN or RNs?

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