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:nuke::spin:Hello everyone. Has anyone attended Sandford Browns's RN program or know of anyone who graduated from the program? Thanks... Read More

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    I am in SCC's ADN program, and they do bridge LPNs to RN here. I do not know much about the program, but you can look into it. It is close to home, and they have great teachers. It is also only 80$ a credit hr, so it is a huge savings from SB. I went to an interview with SB, but felt like it was all a sales pitch. I would have had to pay >50,000 for an RN!!! YIKES. SCCs total program will cost me <8,000 and that includes books. Here is the web info for the bridge program. You can always come in and talk to an advisor, and they will help you with getting in.

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    Thank You. I'll be sure to check out the link you sent
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    Quote from gglola
    Yes I'm a LPN. 20 yrs of my nursing experience has been in the Army. I just retired a couple of yrs ago and plan on taking advantage of the "New GI Bill" when it kicks in next yr. Thanks to all replys
    STLCC has a Bridge program also....I think the contact is/was Pat Finney @ Florrissant, but I'm not sure that's current. We had several LPNs who joined us third semester and are now RNs!

    Best wishes!!
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    I am a current graduate of Sanford Brown. It was ok. I can't say I had the greatest experience but who does in nursing school. There are some very very knowledgable teachers there but then there are a couple of really inexperienced ones as well. I think that they need to have a harder entrance for LPNs to the school because people seem to think that it is so easy to get in so any and everybody applies and actually gets accepted. I will have no problem passing my boards and I cant speak for anyone else so, you be your own judge. But just to let you know, most employers just want to see that RN behind your name. They could care less where you went. This is most likely due to the current nursing shortage. GOOD LUCK!!!

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