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Hey! Has anyone applied to St. Luke's in Kansas City for the Fall of 2012? If so, do you know when we should be recieveing our acceptance letters? Good luck! :)... Read More

  1. by   bryli.garrard
    Quote from spoonfulofrunning
    OH NO! I understood that to be the case too! I'm currently enrolled in 2 of the required classes and hope I wasn't rejected because of THAT. I've resorted to sending them an email this morning.
    Can you please let me know if you find out anything different? I just hope they are not telling people different things.
  2. by   Jordan_e_l
    Bryli - I know a huge thing for them is GPA. That is why I was really nervous even though I have a 3.7. I only applied at Saint Luke's as well so I can symphysis with you there. I just went to their website and it looks like they have changed some things since the last time I was on there but it says you just have to have 2 out of the 4 science classes to apply so that makes no sense with what they told you.. It says you have to have 36 of the 63 credit hours before you apply though too. Do you have that many? I do not know anything about National American University but if it is a BSN program and you can start in the fall it would atleast keep you on track.
  3. by   Jordan_e_l
    Maybe they got so many applicants that they choose the ones that already had the requirements as a way to minimize the list?
  4. by   bryli.garrard
    Hi Jordan_e_l, thank you for your words. I have completed all other required classes from my previous college. I was under the impression that as long as I finish the science classes before August, I should be fine. Apparently that's all changed based on what they told me. The director told me that my GPA was not an issue and I also did well on the Teas test. Maybe you are right that they already had enough good candidates and just didn't need to consider other people. Btw, Congratulations on your admission! I just need to figure something out soon. It's so hard to get into a good school these days.
  5. by   spoonfulofrunning
    Quote from bryli.garrard
    Can you please let me know if you find out anything different? I just hope they are not telling people different things.
    "We are still in the process of sending letters for the fall semester. You should hear from us within the next week or so."

    Was the entire reply
  6. by   bryli.garrard
    geez...they really could do better at communicating. I've given up on them at this point and will try to re-apply for Spring. I will also be applying to other schools. I will not put all eggs in one basket again. It would've been nice if the adviser had told me that I do not "qualify" yet. Good luck! Hope you hear something soon. I still haven't even seen a rejection letter.
  7. by   spoonfulofrunning
    do you know if they hang on to transcripts/TEAS score from the previous app? I really don't want to shell out more $$ to have my info sent again.
  8. by   bryli.garrard
    They didn't really tell me too much about re-applying. The director just said to submit a new Spring 2014 application and submit any updated transcripts. The deadline is August 2nd. Don't give up yet! Maybe you are luckier than me.
  9. by   spoonfulofrunning
    I received my official stand-by notice today. #61 is not too promising. There's major editing mistakes on this letter. Way to add insult to injury, St. Luke's. Yes, my ego is bruised, but I'll take some serious time before deciding to re-apply.
  10. by   xabsay
    I am in waiting list for fall 2013. I would like to know if anyone in the waiting list get in the program so far. if you got in What # were in the waiting list? I appreciate your answers. thanx
  11. by   joellep87
    I was #4 on the waiting list and was accepted at the beginning of April.
  12. by   djessee
    Does anyone know what score Saint Luke's looking for on the TEAS V? Are they looking for proficient or above or overall score? Also, does anyone know if you are allowed to take it more than once? I am applying for the January 2014 start and I am very nervous. Thanks!!
  13. by   Stkn
    Does anyone know how many people got accepted from standby list on last semester!!!??

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