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Hey! Has anyone applied to St. Luke's in Kansas City for the Fall of 2012? If so, do you know when we should be recieveing our acceptance letters? Good luck! :)... Read More

  1. by   brekaybrax
    Has anyone heard anything back about Fall 2013 acceptance?
  2. by   spoonfulofrunning
    Nothing yet. I heard that Research's letters went out already and am anxiously waiting to hear from St. Luke's. Good luck!
  3. by   knondrejka
    I got a letter from research, didn't get in though. Really hoping I get in for Saint Luke's though. I emailed them and they said everyone should know something before the first week of April.
  4. by   Jordan_e_l
    Does anyone know what gpa they usually accept? I applied with a 3.7 so kinda of nervous since I saw a lot of people had higher.
  5. by   BrittRush0808
    I received an acceptance phone call about one week ago to Saint Luke's, then two days ago received my acceptance letter! The letter stated I had until March 28 to return the acceptance form with the two hundred dollar deposit, so I believe if you have been accepted, you should have received your phone call/packet already. Has anyone else been accepted for Fall 2013?
  6. by   Jordan_e_l
    I got accepted! I just received my call today and I have until April 4th to pay my $200 depostit. Wow talk about jinxing it. I litterally got on here to see if anyone had posted yet and then after I read the comment I look at my phone and had a voicemail. So excited!
  7. by   Michaela, RN
    When I got in (Fall of 2012) the average accepted GPA was a 3.7. I got in with a 3.91, however, we did not have to submit TEAS scores so that may make a difference for you all.
  8. by   spoonfulofrunning
    still keeping my fingers crossed for ANY kind of news. Has anyone gotten word of the waiting list?
  9. by   bryli.garrard
    I called them multiple times and they never called back. Yesterday I finally went in to see the director of admission. He told me I didn't get in because I am missing 1 science class which I am taking right now. It said on their website that you need to be on track to complete all required courses by August. He denied that and said I must have all classes done. Then he said they don't have a waiting list, which I don't understand. The admission lady who reviewed my transcript wouldn't own up to it now and she also told me it'll be fine since I will have all required classes by August. honestly I don't know what's going on and I feel misled by their website and the admission lady. It's really disappointing and I don't know what everyone's experience has been. I met all their other requirements except the class which I will be done in May with good grades. It seemed like there's no way around this and I only applied to Saint Luke's. It will be another 8 month wait.
  10. by   Jordan_e_l
    The way I understood it you just had to have the classes complete before their classes start in the fall too. The only class I am missing is Statistics which I am enrolled in right now but that is one of the classes they allow you to take while attending Saint Luke's. Definitely sounds like there was a lot of miscommunication there. :/
  11. by   bryli.garrard
    That's exactly how I read it from their website. The admission lady (who I will not name to protect her privacy) told me the same thing. I've been in contact with her since I first started the process. She reviewed my transcript and I would think that's the first thing you look for when advising students. I am really discouraged at this point since I had planned out everything. Based on what they told me, I would be a good candidate if it were not for this class. I am not sure if I should go to National American University now or wait and reapply for Spring 2014.
  12. by   spoonfulofrunning
    OH NO! I understood that to be the case too! I'm currently enrolled in 2 of the required classes and hope I wasn't rejected because of THAT. I've resorted to sending them an email this morning.
  13. by   bryli.garrard
    I would encourage you to contact them. I waited and waited and there was no news of any kind. You have no idea how many times I've tried to contact them. The only person that will tell you your status is the director of admission. I had to wait outside his office to catch him. They wouldn't reply me or call me back. The communication at Saint Luke's was appalling. I felt like a pest but I was so anxious. So now this is what he told me even though they post that information on the website. He said he can't admit me because that means they have to admit all others that are missing required classes. I don't know what to think or what to do right now. It's been really depressing.