Saint Louis University SLU?!

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    I was wondering if anyone else is applying for their accelerated programs? Or if anyone can give some inside info about the program!


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    I'm in the program now and LOVE IT. I started in May and will graduate next May. Summer semester was pretty difficult, but I'm told it's the hardest semester and it was still definitely doable, as long as you can make a serious time commitment. I honestly believe the directors and instructors want us to succeed. They seem to understand the rigor of the program and adjust their teaching methods and course structure accordingly. I have yet to have an unfair, boring, or less than expert instructor. This is just my experience, though.

    We took the first hour of a three hour pharmacology course, clinical decision making, health assessment, and communication during the first half of the summer (ended before the July 4th weekend) and pathophysiology and lifespan I (combination OB theory and clinical) during the second half (which ended the first week in August). During the fall semester, starting this Monday, we'll take evidence-based practice and the 2nd two hours of the pharmacology course. We also have lifespan II for the first half of the semester and lifespan III for the second half (I think that's peds and gerontological nursing). Half of the students take public health in the fall, while half take it in the spring. Whichever semester you don't have public health, you have psych/mental health. Spring includes lifespan IV (I think it's adult nursing), community health and a couple of other classes I can't recall. We have plenty of breaks. We'll get a fall break and Thanksgiving break, a spring break and Easter break. I'm now at the end of a 2-week break between semesters.

    You have the option of taking one elective in fall and one in spring. If you are interested in critical care, you can get a critical care certificate by choosing certain electives, like fluids and electrolytes or cardiopulmonary nursing. Fluids and electrolytes is supposed to be WONDERFUL, but very difficult. I don't know what this means as far as job opportunities go, but I imagine two comparable new grads applying for the same ICU position could be differentiated based on these extra electives. There are also other electives such as end of life care and adolescent sexuality, pregnancy and parenting. These might vary from one year to the next, but I'm pretty sure the critical care courses are a constant.

    Our schedule has pretty much been 8-4 or 8-3, depending on the day, and our OB clinicals were from 7-5 twice a week. Fall semester for us is lecture Monday 8-3, Thursday and Friday 8-10, with clinicals 3 days a week (Tuesday and Wednesday, and either Thursday or Friday).

    There are a wide variety of students in the program. There are many whose last degree wasn't in the sciences or in a health care related field. There are a lot of parents, and several older adults returning to college after long careers in another field, as well as students coming into the program immediately after graduating from their last bachelor's program.

    Sorry I can't offer you more, but I've only completed 1 of the 3 semesters. Hopefully someone with more experience with the program will respond. PM me if you can think of any other questions I might be able to answer. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for replying! Can't PM yet, so hopefully you will read this!

    I was wondering mostly about admissions. Did you have all of your Pre-reqs completed when you applied? How long did the process take and what Gpa etc. are they looking for!

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    They say they start making decisions in the fall prior to each May start date, but there's no firm application deadline. I think I applied in October or November. You have to complete the transfer admission application, along with a separate nursing based essay and 2 letters of recommendation. I didn't have all my prereqs done before applying. As long as you finish them before the first day of school, you're fine. I remember I took an online religious studies class in the spring before the program started. My GPA from my previous degree (B.S. in human biology) was about 3.2, and became 3.3 once the A's from nursing prereqs at community college were factored in. I think their minimum was 3.0. It didn't seem like a long wait before I got a letter of acceptance (provided I completed my last prereq on time). I never had to interview, although I think the website says they might ask for one. A few months after I was accepted, we all got letters notifying us of the new generalist MSN program for second degree students without a BSN or RN. I wasn't really interested in it, but it's something you might want to consider. There's also one application for all the SLU scholarships, which is very nice. I have only known one student receiving any financial assistance from SLU, but I'm sure there are a few more. It is a pretty expensive program, but a few students have managed to work at least part time, although it's strongly discouraged.
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    WOw! I cannot thank you enough! One last question, you said that you also had pre-reqs that were not completed yet when you applied. How did they handle those when you finally completed them? Were you just supposed to get C or better or was your transcript reviewed again as a whole?
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    The letter they sent me just said I was conditionally accepted pending completion of theology or religion. I'm pretty sure all I needed was a C to get credit for the course and stay accepted. But the school didn't even get my last transcript until after the program had already started.
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    I applied for the May 2011 cohort and I cannot wait to receive their decision. They said decisions will be made in the Fall. How soon, after you've submitted the application, did you get your conditional acceptance? I'm patiently waiting for their decision. Also, do you recommend living in the campus or is it better to be elsewhere? I heard that its good to live in "CWE"? Sorry, I don't know much about Missouri. I live in California.
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    Welcome Bleemme! I am so excited to hear back too! I hope it is a quick response!

    I wonder why there isn't much discussion about SLU around here?
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    Thank you Star45. I hope its a quick response as well. This waiting game is a killer. SLU is a good choice school, perhaps, the cost factor is what is keeping everyone from applying. I know, for example, that Barnes-Jewel cost less than SLU.

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