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  1. Hi I was wondering if the prereqs at Metropolitan Community College are hard? I would probably be doing my prereqs at Longview in Lees Summit, MO. Are these classes hard or not really? Who are some of the best teachers to take from? Also, I know to get into the RN program they say that you should take microbiology before applying. Who are some of the good teachers for Microbiology. Please email me at to let me know. I appreciate all your help.
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    hi i have taken all of my pre-reqs at penn valley & some online, except for microbio which i hoping to take this fall. all of the classes were easy as long as you study, i will tell you that anatomy & phy is very HARD!!! but i survived it only because i would practice learning the parts of the body by referencing myself & 6yr daughter haha she got a kick out of the word phalanges!! so the only classes i have left are the RNUR courses. mr martin is a good one for bio. but good luck!
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    This is an older post but I took my pre-req's at Blue River and Longview. At Blue River I took Chem 105 with Don Miller. He is dry and boring but a good teacher who wants you to pass. I got a B. I took A&P at BR with Mehdi Borhan. He was pretty good. I got a B in there, too. Whatever you do, don't take Debbie Seale for anything. Just trust me on that. I had originally enrolled in her Anatomy class and she was a nightmare. Anyway, I also took Psych 140 (online) and Psych 243 at BR with Kimberly Glackin and she is wonderful (got B in 140 and an A in 243). I took Micro at Longview during the summer with Jeffrey Oden...he is an A.

    I started taking pre-req's Fall of 2011, took CNA classes Dec 1-Jan 31 (state exam Feb 8), continued with pre-req classes Spring 2012, took Micro and online Psych 140 Summer 2012. I started working full time as a CNA in a hospital May 2012. I applied to Penn Valley August 2012 for the Spring start and I got in! I am currently taking Medical Terminology (online) and Math 120 at Longview (in case I hadn't gotten in to PV). It has a been a long and crazy road for sure. If you need more info feel free to email me Good luck!

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