Hey just thought I would throw some pay info out there for new grads for st. Louis area. I interviewed this month with SSM St. Joseph Health Center, SSM St. Mary's and I have 2 more interviews this... Read More

  1. by   LetsChill
    Has the Pay information changed since this post started in 2006? I mean, do New Grads still expect to be getting $18 starting in STL? I would think that New Grad base pay wold have increased since then, right?
  2. by   MONurse82
    I graduated in May with my BSN. I was offered 20.79 with SSM, 20.25 with St. Anthony's, and 20.71 with St. Luke's. I decided to choose St. Luke's for several reasons such as high employee retention and loan forgiveness (with no cap.) A friend of mine was offered a position with BJC at 20.25. All of these are slightly above the set starting pay for an RN with no medical experience/background. All hospitals I interviewed with in the last 3 months has offered 19.50 - 20.00 starting pay with no experience. Don't forget about benefit perks and shift differentials, those add up!
  3. by   maggijo
    I just accepted a job at Children's as a graduate nurse, and YES, there's a BSN differential.
  4. by   banannie
    What unit will you be working on?
  5. by   newgrad17
    maggijo, did Children's give you a sign on bonus as a graduate nurse?
  6. by   listener
    I will graduate this month (Dec, 2010) from STLCC and will start in January at SSM/DePaul @ $20.00/hr.
  7. by   MedicLifelineRN
    St Anthony offered $18.50
    JRMC 18.40
    SLU 22.60
  8. by   gabi1787
    Does anyone know of an accredited Medical Assisting program in St. Louis? And how much is the salary for a medical assistant? Any information would help me out at this point! Thanks!!
  9. by   trace10
    Knowing both MAs and RNs gabi, in my opinion, if you are going to go to school anyway, you may as well put in the extra time (which may be 2 years more at the most) to be an RN. In the long run, money and career wise it is just offers more.
  10. by   newexcitednurse
    Does anyone know the current starting salary at St. Lukes? Shift Differentials? They have such good reviews and compliments. I really want to work there. I have an offer at Barnes and the starting salary is 20.25 and I think 2.00 for nights.
  11. by   RN274
    I know this is an old post, but does anyone know the current night & weekend differential at St. Clare's Hosp in St Louis?
  12. by   Foreverstl
    wow, I am CNA right now & in an LPN program. The nursing home I work at starts LPNs at 20.50 & i am returning for my BSN soon after this program & have been wondering how much the starting pay would be at some of the local hospitals. I know there are not many hospitals that hire LPNs anymore but hoping that there are still a few, because I would love to get the experience working in the hospitals. At this point I want to work L&D or NICU as my first choice or just work on a pediatric floor.
    Does anybody know of any hospitals that still hire LPNs and what the starting pay would be. Although I could make more at the nursing home, I will take the pay cut to get the hospital experience.
    Also I have heard of LPNs occupying tech positions but not sure about that. any info would be greatly appreciated
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  13. by   bunnynuts
    For those of you currently in the program or recent grads - what have you experienced about getting that first RN job? I keep hearing that hospitals don't want to hire RN's with less than a year experience. Is this reality? Is it easier to get a position in the hospitals you've done your clinicals in? Are there cities/states that have greater need? I'm currently weighing if the cost of the Accelerated Programs are going to be worth it if there are no jobs out there. Any advice is appreciated!