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I recently applied to the ASN program at Zona Rosa in Kansas City for the March 1st application date (june program start) and I was wondering if anyone who got in in previous years, knows how long it took them before you got the... Read More

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    Wow! That was fast! I will keep my fingers crossed! Did they say if they are sending an email as well?

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    No they didn't say anything about an email :-/ hopefully we will receive acceptance letters by Monday!
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    I hope so too! Im so scared. I keep thinking what If I dont get in? Whats plan B? I hope and pray not too many ppl applied this application period. Maybe thats why they got through the selection process so fast!
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    I keep thinking the same thing (what's plan B). I'm trying to think positive thoughts though. I keep telling myself that if I don't get accepted this time, I will apply to multiple schools this fall. We just have to think positive and continue telling ourselves that we got accepted! I honestly didn't think it would be this fast, especially since earlier this week they said they would mail letters out by April. We will be fine though. I'm super anxious!!!
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    Your right! We have to be positive! I'm going to check my mailbox everyday next week. I will let you know the outcome :-)
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    Ok! I will let you know as well. Good luck!!!
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    Any news? I checked my mailbox this morning but I didnt get anything. I will check in a few hours.
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    I haven't got to check my mail yet. I'm at work until tomorrow morning so this is driving me crazy!!!!! What area do you live in? I live in Lees Summit so I would think that I would hear something by either today or Monday. The wait is killing me though!!!
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    I live in independence mo not too far from lees summit. Im sorry your at work I would definitely go crazy! I could barely sleep last night. Im going to check the mailbox again and keep you posted. I couldnt tell if the mail had actually ran today or not. I usually dont check the mail everyday so I had mail in my mailbox but I didnt see any recent postage dates so I am still hopeful. I never asked if they would send rejection letters or not? Even if we dont receive anything today we know it could still be delivered on monday!
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    Ok I just ran into the mail man so I definitely got mail today but no acceptance letter. I called the school and she said that she thought they were sending out acceptance letters as well as rejection letters so I guess we will know on monday!
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