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    Actually, LSN has more clinical hours than most BSN programs (over 1,000 hours), and therefore is just about as marketable. I just graduated three weeks ago and already have a job at SSM through the futures program for GNs. I know of multiple other people that have positions at Barnes and SSM as GNs that I graduated with. Now I can go back for my BSN and have SSM help pay for it. You are correct in stating that there really is no nursing shortage in the STL area.
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    Oh and LSN has a 96% pass rate for state boards which is higher than most area BSN programs. Not trying to knock BSN programs or anything, but Lutheran is very well respected and with this hard economy, I had to chose the school that fit my budget while still getting a very high level of education
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    I'm not saying the LSN program is bad, considering I went there and now have my Masters however what I'm saying is true for those persuing Magnet status we are not hiring ADN prepared nurses we are focusing on BSN prepared nurses. There is a certain percentage you have to have of BSN / MSN and PhD prepared nurses/faculty as a requirement to apply and keep your status. Not stating it was not a high level of education sorry if that was misunderstood. SSM is one of the very few that are accepting a massive amount of GNs for their program in the STL area, glad you found a job and hope those that are still looking find one soon.

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