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Hello everyone, I am new to this website. I started taking my prereqs already for the nursing program and now I am conisdering attending Lutheran School Of Nursing. Are there any one on here who already attends the school or have... Read More

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    Quote from mamason
    Listen, I graduated from Lutheran. I now work with BSN, Associates, and Master degree holding nurses. We all do the same job. They wipe butts just like I do. They don't get any special priveleges because of their degree. The only time that degree matters is if you choose to move up the ladder to management or choose a specialty such as practicioner. I'm happy with my diploma and I came out of school running circles around the 4 year degree students. That was mainly because of the clinical experience that Lutheran offers. Ohhh... pay is comparable to theirs. THe only time someone makes more money than me is because they have been there longer. No difference. Good luck on your journey! Stay focused on your goals and you will do fine.

    I have applied at LSN for Spring 2012. I am nervous and excited. I see everyone's posts are older. How is everything going?

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    I'm going to apply for Fall 2012. Seems like a really good program. How difficult is it to get in to? I had a terrible first year of college (in 03) and have hardly any shot getting into a BSN program until after I get my RN, since they calculate cumulative GPA on every class taken, unlike the community colleges who said they were calculating the last 12hrs. Anyway, just wondering if Lutheran School of Nursing would be too much of a long shot for me. My grades the past few years have been good.
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    I don't know if I have been accepted until June. I am really hoping that I am. I have a couple of friends that have been through the program and really liked it. Go online and fill out all of the paperwork. The sooner the better. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.
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    Hello there, I am also submitting all my paperwork tomorrow. I am extremely nervous. I have a 3.25 GPA at Meramec and mostly all my pre-reqs are done except A & P I, which I am going to take in the fall (already registered) and so I am applying for LSN in spring 2012. I am very nervous. I have been an MA for 10 years, numerous awards/recognitions from State and Federal level for my commitment to volunteering and so forth. Will those help me? How do they choose who goes and who doesn't?

    I am really excited, but so nervous. I have been waiting so long to finally apply to a nursing program!! Any info on the waiting list or at least competitiveness would be so great thanks! and good luck to you!

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    Hello, I was thinking of applying for the Fall 2012 program as well. I took the enterance exam and i did not pass the math part which i am not great at. Have you taken the exam? I am still a little concerned on what program or which school to attend. If I can not pass the entry exam I am not sure.
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    Just practice the math and retake the test. I had to get on websites to refresh my math skills. I believe the one I did was It is awesome for testing yourself and explaining stuff. I passed the math portion with an 82%. I didn't have to take the English part because of my ACT score. I have literally checked out every school possible in the area and this school works the best for me. It is very far from my home in St. Charles though. That will take some getting used to.
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    Okay, so I just stumbled upon this school. I noticed that they do not require Chemistry as a pre-req. Is that correct? What do you mean that it is a diploma? Is it not an associates?
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    Hi I am very interested in applying to the school but I am concerned because my GPA from my freshman year of college is terrible and its bringing me down. I will have an associates in general education in December, but I am just wonderign how hard the admissions process to Lutheran is. And also do they have a wait list??

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