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LPN school advice

  1. 0 Hello all, I have applied to the LPN programs at South Tech & St Louis college of health careers and have been interviewed for both programs. I am now waiting for a response whether I am in or out. I plan on going to school for my RN after becoming an LPN and I am just looking for advice before I begin school this fall 2012. How difficult is to get a job after graduating and becoming an LPN? I would like to work as an LPN before going back to school for RN. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi which school did u end up attendng how hard was the test at south tech?? I"ve passed the Hesi at Stlchc and was wondering was south tech similiar
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    Which school did u go too?
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    Janaya I go to St. Louis college of health Careers now
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    I'll be going there 2015 LPN ..can u give heads up on the teachers and the school....please
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    I never get notifications idk why but email me Janaya msbland84@gmail.com