LPN program in Lexington, MO?

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    Has anyone heard anything about or gone through the LPN program offered at Lex La-Ray Technical Center in Lexington, MO?

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    Going there now I really like it. The teachers are great, the class size is small. They will take the time to help you if you are not understanding a concept. I think they really do go above and beyond to give us the greatest chance for success. (as long as you are willing to work for it!)
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    That's great! I am applying there and at Cass Career Center. I take the TEAS tomorrow at CCC. I hope I can make it into one of them. Thanks for your input!
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    If you don't mind me asking...what did you get on your TEAS to make it into the program there?
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    I think they go more off of your application and references than they do your teas. I got an 81% though. How did your Teas go? It also wouldnt hurt to have your references write a letter of reccomendation. It wasn't required, but I'm pretty sure it let them know I was serious. Good luck with everything!
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    I got a 72% but the director said this was the first year they used the TEAS Version V. I took it at Cass Career Center (Harrisonville) and transferred my scores over to LLR. She said the scores looked "great". I found out Friday that I got accepted to CCC so I guess I did alright. Good idea on the letter of reccommendation. Thanks!

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