LMSW Trying to Get in RN program- Please help

  1. Hello All,

    I'm currently working at three of the local hospitals as a LMSW (license master social worker). So my plan is to get my ADN, because I can pay for that out of pocket, then bridge into a BSN program. I know there's a lot of hype about hospitals not hiring ADN. However, I've worked at ST. Lukes past 6 yrs and they hire ADN all the time. As of matter of fact, they just hired several new ADNs in the ER depart. My gpa is a 3.5 for undergrad and 3.8 for grad. Of course, JCCC ADN program doesn't look at my grad GPA. I meet JCCC requirement for ACT and science reasoning. I have to retake Chem and Bio because I took them in 2001. BTW, I got As but their over 5 yrs. So, I'm enroll in Chem at JCCC. I'm wondering how hard would it be to get in their program? I'm a JO Co resident, so I know this would give me some points. I was also thinking about Penn Valley but was told it could be hard since I'm not a KC, MO resident. Please, someone out there give me some advice. Also, about scholarships as well. Thanks,

    P.S., I'm taking a CNA course and will have my cerification by December.
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  3. by   tishluvnc
    Hi, I'm not a nurse but a cna thinking about going further into nursing. I have a BA in sociology with a minor in substance abuse. I was contemplating going into nursing or continuing my path to become a LCSW to work in substance abuse or medical or public health social work. I did an internship at a mental health facility and it seemed like the case workers, cap workers, and clinical lcsw either stayed on the phone, piled up with papers, or makin home visits.

    I was leaning more towards nursing being that I have a love for sciene. I'm just curious, why are you getting out of social work? What do you think the job market is for medical social workers or substance abuse social workers. I have read that many medical social workers are being replaced with nurses. I plan on taking some time off before making my decision. The way I look at it I have to wait another 6 years to slowly become a lcsw or 4 years to slowly go into nursing taking the pre-reques one at a time while working earning a living. What do you think?
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    I'm not getting out of social work. Social work isn't going any where. I'm actually in process of working on my lcsw. I'm going to combine the two discpline to provide overall care for my clients. My goal is to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner. So, my advice to you would be to investigate to see which one you have a feel for. I love being a social worker and will never regret doing it. There is a sense of compassion that comes with social work as well as nursing. So, I'm glad that I became a social worker first and now it's time for me to add the additional piece, which is nursing, so that I can provide the overall care.
  5. by   tishluvnc
    That make sense, I'm a late bloome and feel that i have to HURRY up. Being a cna would sure show you the bottom line. Thank you for your reply!