Kansas City, MO. Good nursing schools?

  1. Hi everyone.

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong area but does anyone know any good nursing schools to apply for? I recently took my TEAS exam down at Penn Valley and scored a 69% passing but not very pleased with as well as I took it down at Concorde and passed with a 68%.

    I'm suppose to go down to Concorde today and the lady wants my highschool diploma plus a $100 regristation fee which I think is a little much especially since this school wants almost $40,000 just for my ASN. Anyways...Here's my concern...

    I'd like to start a nursing program as soon as I can and Concorde's starts in March looks like but I keep seeing all these reviews on the internet that they aren't regionally certified and their website doesn't say much about their credits transferring to other universities. I've finished all their prereq's and am currently finishing up Microbiology this semester but I'll have to retake just sociology there because I got a "C" in it and they only take minimum of B's. Also, if none of their credits especially the clinical credits transfer over to a 4-year college I would be really worried because I eventually would like to get my BSN so I can travel. Or if I got my ASN there could I still take the NCLEX exam for a license in Kansas instead of Missouri or both? Because I plan on moving out to Kansas someday and would prefer to live out there.

    Should I just keep waiting you think to apply for Penn Valley's program or follow through at Concorde and finish their program? EDIT: If I applied to Penn Valley I would have to wait till next year but will save a lot more money and not have to retake any courses.
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    Also if I apply to Concorde's program this will be the first time I've ever taken out student loans but if I did Penn Valley's I think I could get by with just my PELL-grant.
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    When looking for associate-degree nursing programs, I would strongly encourage you to look for NLNAC (National League for Nursing) accredited programs. These are the programs that will allow you to continue your education in the future. If you attend a program such as Concorde, then you will be incredibly restricted as to what schools will accept your academic credits. I would stay at Penn Valley, meet with the nursing program director, and follow her recommendations as to what you need to do to have a more competitive application.