Kansas City Hospitals/Units/Pay

  1. Wow...when I read through my posts about all the places I thought I would move to in the last 5 years, its kind of funny. This time I can actually say 100% that I'm moving to the Kansas City area in June-July this year!

    So, I'm just curious what pay rates are like for an RN, what type of units you all have enjoyed in this area, and what length of training different facilities give for different specialties???
    FYI my background is 8 months as LPN at long-term care, 3 years 2 months as LPN on Med/Surg, and currently 9 months as RN on Med/Surg. I'm ready to make my way out of Med/Surg land into something more specialized...thinking some sort of ICU....

    Love to get your input!
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