Is there a UMSL Wait List?

  1. Im just starting out working on completing my 24 credits for UMSL. I was wondering if there's a long wait list once your ready for Clinicals and if there is how long? I really want to attend UMSL Im a single mother the location is convenient and it's affordable. I'm Planning on starting AUG 2013 and I'll be 37 I just don't want to get stuck putting in tons of work and money to be wait listed for a really long time! when I can look into a School such as Lutheran School of Nursing even though this school only grants a Diploma it's with no wait list at all. I'm trying to be realistic and I know this will not happen over night but I just want to make the right choice for myself and my kids. Thanks
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  3. by   thailm
    Yes, there is a wait list but they re arrange the order according to "guarantee" spots from highschool grades/act scores. They also put you in different spots according to your "Science GPA" ANP 1, ANP 2, Microbio, and Chem. So if you were working hard on any class, work hard on those classes. Then they look at your overall GPA, I believe you need at least a 3.0 GPA (not sure). But they also switch it up every semester since student's drop out of the waiting list due to the wait.

    Ask the nursing counselor to get an idea on where you are on the wait list. Also, I believe the traditional nursing program now is 5 semesters long. I'm in the final semester now and I think it's a good program to get into. I believe currently we rank first in passing NCLEX at 99%.

    Good luck!
  4. by   jrfchristian
    UMSL has a certain number of spots for students already enrolled. After that, they rank you based on your overall and science GPAs. The students with the highest scores who have completed pre-reqs are accepted to fill those spots. Then, the remaining students are placed on a waitlist. I applied in Feb 2012, and have been accepted to the clinical program for Fall 2013. I am transferring from STLCC-FV. I'm not sure how long the wait lists are as far time-frame goes. Best advice I can give is go call the college of nursing and make an appointment to meet with a counselor. Brink a copy of your unofficial transcript, and they will go over where you currently stand, and any classes you may need to take to be eligible. The pre-reqs to become eligible for clinicals took me a while (5 semesters), and after completing them all, I have 61 credits...67 after my summer 2013 classes are done...but all well worth the hard work. I couldn't see myself taking any other path.