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HELP!! Just interviewed for a fellowship with director

  1. 0 I just got my first face to face interview for a fellowship program and they sent me DIRECTLY to the director of the department to be interviewed. It was a busy day and they were running behind on scheduled interviews. I'm not sure if I was interviewed by the director because they were so behind, or because my resume really stood out. I am ranked first in my class and have an academic scholarship so I am really hope that this was a good sign verses the hospital just improvising and playing catch-up. She did ask me if a specific schedule and start date would work for me as well. I really really hope that all of this is a good sign because it was an interview for my dream job. Somebody please help me out here!
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    Hi Amy,

    I had the interview too at Cardinal Glennon and I want the NICU also! I interviewed with the PICU charge and then with the NICU lead after the tour. I would love to work in the NICU there! Have you heard anything back yet??

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    No I haven't heard anything yet. They are supposed to be sitting down and having a meeting on the 16th to decide who they will take. We should be expecting feedbback a couple of days after that. Hope this helps.
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    Did you get it?? I got the email offering it to me and saying I would get a call within two business days...but no call!!
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    I got an offer and they called me, but it was for a general med/surg floor I accepted because I need a job but I deffinatly will try to transfer after a year or two.

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