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  1. Hey there everyone! I am starting the Upper Division Bsn program at GSON this summer term 2013!

    Anyone been through this program or currently in it, please let me know your experiences with the school, classmates, professors, exams, clinical, etc... just anything! I would love to hear everything about it. Or if there's anyone that is starting the same time, please message me ! there is so much to do before starting this term.

    I am extremely scare and excited. It is such an expensive school so I'm stressed over what loans to take out too, and if there's any scholarships. I have read bad and good reviews about the school, so i just want to know more about it.
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  3. by   Goldfarb SON
    Hi lthai1,
    Congratulations on getting accepted!

    If you have any questions about financial aid, or need assistance with securing scholarships, please feel free to call Goldfarb School of Nursing’s financial aid office at 314-454-8489 or send an email to

    Congratulations again,
    Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College
  4. by   lthai1
    I'll definitely will ! Thank you !!!
  5. by   kdbm13009
    Hi lthai1-
    I am currently in my second term at Goldfarb (Upper Division) and absolutely love it! The courses, instructors and simulation labs are excellent. I am amazed by the amount of knowledge I have gained in a mere five months! It is an extremely challenging program, so be prepared to really apply yourself. You will spend A LOT of time studying outside of class. Time management skills are essential to succeeding in this program! One word of advice--I would recommend that you take someone with you (parent, spouse, etc) to the new student orientation. During orientation, they have a special seminar for family members to tell them how they can help support you during nursing school. I wish I had taken someone with me, my family doesn't always understand how difficult this program is or why I need to study as much as I do. But even with as much studying as I do, I'm really enjoying it. Best of luck to you, I know you're going to love it!
  6. by   kkg1901
    I would seriously look at other schools... it's the worst school that I've ever attended... my entire class has voiced the same. The grading scale will kill you unless you are a GREAT test taker... the entire program is based on tests. 78% test avg to pass the class... which doesn't sound bad, but some classes only have 3 test and then a final that isn't even written by your instructor so it may be something you are familiar with, but most likely you won't have a clue. The teachers are not at all considerate with grading, there is no gray area just 78% and if you are at a 77.9... they won't round or anything. It's a terrible waste of money and I wish someone would have said something to me before starting... worst decision I ever made and 90% of my class would agree... I'm not just angry, but it's the truth. They have no advisers to help you if you are struggling, it's a very sink or swim program. If I were you I would look anywhere else!
  7. by   cbronstad
    I just finished up term 1.
    I actually attend at MOBAP campus, and we are set to begin term 2 on May 6th.
    I will have to say that this is a rigorous program. But honestly, a good one, and you're told that going into it. So NO surprises. We have been offered tutors, mentors, help from the associate dean, and the dean. The instructors have been very helpful. You will become part of a cohort. That's what we are called as a class together.
    Stick with them. STUDY ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Attend the study sessions that are offered.
    Pre-read your material before class. D O NOT!! get behind. Do the workbooks before class. That way, when you go to class you already have a concept of the material being covered.
    It will kick you in the rear if you do get behind.
    I barely got through first term, because I was lazy and didn't want to do attend the study sessions or stay after and study with my cohorts. So, ........I passed, but barely.
    Good Luck to you!!!!
  8. by   Cactusfunk
    Don't be scared and don't listen to the hype your classmates will feed you. I am starting 5th term so my advice for you and the UD program :

    1.) Trust yourself (you made it this far, there are challenging classes, but all of our pre-reqs were challenging)
    2.) Take advantage of evolve and extra quizzes, studying tips, case studies etc..
    3.) For certain classes eg. Pharm.... Purchase the cartoonish flip books you can find at Barnes and Noble
    4.) Go in with ZERO expectations, do the best that you possibly can and everything will be fine
    5.) Do not compare yourself to the rest of your classmates; even though some will brag about their grades after the first exams (I promise you this will have through the entire program)
    6.) Find a group of people you can study with!!! This may take a while. Nursing school just like being a nurse is a TEAM SPORT!
    7.) If you need help talk with your instructors, get a tudor, don't wait until midterm.
    8.) Remember that the guy/gal who graduates last in their class from nursing school is still a nurse.
    9.) HAVE FUN, find time to do things that are not related to nursing school.

    I am not saying it is easy. I owned a restaurant for 4 years and it was by far more difficult than nursing school. My wife and I found out we were pregnant 1 week before term 1 began. We have a beautiful 7 month baby girl and with all of those changes during the program just know if I can get through the first four terms anyone can.
    Grades are not everything! I have a 3.3 cumulative gpa, I have been accepted into the adult nurse practitioner program for 2014, I have been offered 2 jobs from floors I had clinical's on, and we have not graduated yet. My point being is that there are people with higher GPA's than myself, but just because one is "book smart" doesn't mean that will translate into one being a good nurse.
    And in regards to the posts about "hating the program, waste of money, no help from anyone blah blah blah", don't let that scare you. Trust me I know these types of people, I have had classes with these types of individuals, and they feel they are entitled to everything. It's a different ball game and as long as you play the game, ask for help, remain teachable and work hard 20 months from now you will be graduating with a BSN from a great school

    Hope it helps
  9. by   TaeRN
    Starting school in the Fall of 2013. Excited about it and ready to get it done.
    Any pointers for the first semester? I thought I should study medical terminology over the summer to get a handle on the terms.
  10. by   lthai1

    I would say to review over your a&p over again, it will definitely help you in patho and health assessment! Im about to take the second exams and its all about the heart in patho and for health assessment, cranial nerves eyes, ears, etc.

    Good luck!! Its a very school, its only been a month and a half and i learned so much. Have a good group of friends to study with!
  11. by   TaeRN
    Thank you for the tip. I'm going to start going over my A&P stuff. It seems like it has slowly leaving my

    Good luck to you too!
  12. by   TaeRN
    Does anyone have any suggestions on buying the required books. I may have to purchase the books out of pocket and I'm trying to find the best and cheapest way to purchase them. I see that there are the traditional hard copy books to buy and ebooks. Is it ok to buy the ebooks or do I need to buy the hard copy books.

    I see that there are websites that rent the books also.
  13. by   lthai1
    I bought the bundle, but next term i will try to buy used books. Alot of students do the ebooks but im not a fan of those, i like to have it in front of me, and i like to flip through the pages. Email me if you have any questions. I check my email often then on here
  14. by   TaeRN
    Thank you, I just emailed you.