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  1. 0 I am going to be starting in Fall of 2013. I am doing their 20 month program. I was wondering if any of you guys that has been through the program could let me know what kind of school hours and clinical hours there usually is. Is clinicals all day or evenings or weekends? Do you have any time to do regular things or is it really intense? Do u have several classes at once? Just curious about overall experience. Thank you!!! -Bree
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    *Goldfarb. Sorry Phone changed it. Lol.
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    try to go anywhere but there... they have no support for the students... no advisers, no assistance if your grades are in trouble. It's the only institution that I've been to that is ran like this, if you struggle at all in your prereqs they will eat you alive. The grading scale is insane 78% (test avg) is only accepted and in some classes you might only have 3 test. So if you get a 72 and then get 80, 80 etc... you will fail the class... two fails and you're out. I wish someone would have told me this before I started it would have saved me thousands. I would seriously look at other schools. Community College would be the best.
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    As a current student I would have to say that the part of "no advisors or help" is completely false. There is a "peer leader" for every single course in the entire program. They meet once a week and the students who lead the sessions were students who did well in the course the term before. This is just one example of study/tutor help. There are numerous other resources.