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hi i am new to this site and have been looking for a good program that will help me get to my ultimate goal of becoming a fnp or dnp. to give a little info about me, i am a 2004 drury university graduate with a degree in biology... Read More

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    I definately see what your saying. I have been replying to you morning while seeing patients,our practice is fairly busy but been a bit slow for us this month but June through August is our busy season according to the Sen. Doctor here. I will continue to get better as a DC even while I am in school since I will be workinh here 4-5 days a week throughout any program I do. I agree I would much rather do the RN program but as far as waiting to get into a LPN-BSN program I have spoken with a school and they said 90 day to my grad date to send in my transcripts and they would get me admitted and started as soon as my LPN program ended. Thats the thing I have noticed about nursing there are a lot of online programs. Personally I don't care what school I get my nursing degree from just as long as I have good clincals. To be honest classroom work can be done online, self study, in class it really doesn't matter, its all about the clincals thats where all the real learning and skills take place. I bet I learned more in my 1yr of clincals and twice as much in my first year of practice then I learned in all the 7 years of course work combined before my clinicals.

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    Wait it out and get into a RN program. It will be worth it. If you can get your ADN, then Frontier College offers a RN-ADN to FNP program online with some brief clinicals...I am looking into the Frontier Program.
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    I am, I decided to reapply after withdrawing from the day program today. Kinda sucks since I had everything ready to go from CPR cert to background check but I know I'll get in next fall, if I did it once I can do it again. Plus concords lpn program is 29k$ and it isn't regionally accredited.
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    Well, if you want more clinical time, then Penn Valley is the way to go. I have a BSN, and I used to see junior students in their third semester doing their clinicals at Research. They were handling a full patient load (up to 4 pts on their own) while our senior students were only handling 1-2 patients. They didnt spend all their time making up powerpoints and doing Leadership like we did in my BSN program.
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    Wondering what your outcome was? I shut down practice in 2008 to attend Baker University and graduated in seeking FNP/DNP program.
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    Wow, anyone interested in re-opening this thread?

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