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I have heard mixed things about HCA...does anyone work for them? I know that if you go to Research College of Nursing and agree to work for 2 years at a HCA hospital they will pay your tution for the accelerated BSN program. Have... Read More

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    Quote from nursinghereicome1112
    I asked the advisor about this happening...she said HCA didn't have a "spot" for only 6 or 7 individuals last year. She somewhat indicated that there had been some sort of conflict between students and HCA when this happened about whether or not their loans would still be forgiven. She said the main problem has been that not as many jobs have been created or opened b/c of ppl. not retiring (who have lost money in 401K's etc.)...which is the story across the nation thanks to the recession. It sounds like HCA is tightening up their contract with students from now on...making it more difficult to qualify for the loan now. So sounds like a few of you got lucky...but I'm sure they are trying to prevent that now making it difficult for us new applicants to get qualified!
    The bolded part is a flat out lie. They will say anything to try to cover themselves.

    HCA had a hiring freeze and didnt let it be known to RCON until the students were complaining about getting jobs. They had no choice but to let more than "6 or 7 students" out of their contracts. It was 7 students in the TO program alone that got let out. Not to mention all the AO students that were let out.

    There is a complete breakdown of communication between HCA and RCON.

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