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Hi everyone! I'm a long time lurker, first time poster! Anyway, I'm from St. Louis, and I just got waitlisted for UMSL's clinical BSN program. I'm looking at applying at Chamberlain since I have... Read More

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    I am not a nurse yet but I just wanted to say that I volunteer on a floor where Chamberlain students do one of their clinicals, so I've met many of them. Any time I meet a nurse or nursing student I hound them for information lol. Most of them seem very happy with the program. I know they even have a study abroad option where you do your Community Health clinical in Brazil.

    I also know a few of the nurses on the floor that graduated from Chamberlain and they told me they liked it. I am applying to UMSL as well, and am looking at others schools as "safeties", and Chamberlain is one that I am considering.

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    I only caution you to on two things here.
    1 Ensuring this pass rate is current data,
    2 If you want to be more marketable do not got to an ADN program. I'm not saying they are not good programs but bottom line is we are NOT in a nursing shortage and organizations can be selective and b/c of Magnet status and other regulations for awards they have to have a certain percentage of BSN / MSN and PhD prepared nurses. Also it usually does not matter where someone goes to school, sloppy practicioners are from everywhere it is work ethic and general professionalism.
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    I have been a RN for many years but have a BA and MBA. Even with multiple degrees, if you want to advance in the NURSING field, get a BSN right from the beginning. It is a pain always having to get special approval to be hired if a hospital has Magnet Status. They only want BSNs and you will not get hired.
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    ICURN, you spoke the truth. Don't waste your time getting a ADN. Your choices will be VERY limited.

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