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Hi! Ive been looking for any Cox students but I dont think theres a lot on here :/ Anyway, Im applying for the ABSN program for spring 2013! I am going to interview next week and am really nervous! Anyone going through similar... Read More

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    Congrats to you guys! I got in as well! Ito hasn't sunk in yet but we're going to be nurses in just a short while!

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    Awesome! Congrats! What are your guys backgrounds? Im 27 and have my BA in psych. I haven't worked in the medical field yet, but I did volunteer at a hospital, albeit mostly in the information area. I will be moving from Los Angeles are and I am nervous about the change. I have always lived in a big city, but excited to try something new.

    What about you?
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    I'm 28 have my b.s. in dietetics. I haven't worked in a hospital either. I'm originally from nebraska but have lived in branson for 3.5 years. It will be quite a change for you! Springfield is a typical midwest college town with littlr to do but go to the bars. Not that we'll have time for that.
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    Hi! Im 23 and have my BA in psych. Ive been working as a CNA for a few years, mostly in nursing homes. I live in Chicago right now so I know Springfields gonna be a big change for me too. I know they dont recommend it, but are you guys thinking of working during school?
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    I wont be working, no. I dont think we will have time. Have you guys received your information in the mail yet? I haven't. But maybe because im a little further away. I am hoping it comes today.

    Wow, I cant believe this is actually happening haha
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    I might work 1 or 2 shifts a week waiting tables with my currently job. I'm just going to see what I can handle. I don't have a problem quitting my job completely if I have to though. I'm starting to get super excited about allow this. I kinda feel like I've hit the jack pot. It'll be cool to meet ya'll in a couple weeks and everyone else in the program.
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    I want to work just 1-2 shifts a week, just so i feel like i have some money coming in! And Im super super excited about this! Im starting to look around for apartments. Are you going to commute from Branson, mm? And do you have any recommendations about where to live in Springfield?
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    For the time being I will commute. I'm in a lease until july. As far as places to live, I don't know any specific complexes in springfield, but I do know that the southern part of springfield is a better area though northern springfield will have alot of housing aimed at college students.
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    You guys get your letter yet? I am still waiting for mine. I know Lindy sent us an email the other day saying they are figuring out what happened, but just curious if you received yours?
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    Congratulations guys. I'm in the class ahead of you. The program goes by really quick. It's challenging but if you have the motivation, drive, and good time management skills you can definitely do it. Message me if you have questions.

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