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Acceptance into Maryville Univ.

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    Wanted to say i just got my acceptance letter for Fall 2010 into Maryville University in St. Louis. I wanted to get info from others who have attended Maryville Nursing Program. I have taken most of my pre-req at Maryville. I really liked it.

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    Congrats! I just got my letter too! Yay! Now we're official!
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    Got my letter to for Fall 2010. I was kind of surprised as my advisor said I wouldn't know until the end of March. It was a good surprise though!!!
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    Will you be in the evening/wkend program also?
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    Yes, weekend and evening. Have done all my pre-reqs there, what about you? Taking statistics and a&pII right now.
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    Last Dec. I finished all prereq. I am so glad. I had micro at Maryville, loved it. I had Anatomy I at St. Charles CC and Anat II at Maryville. Enjoyed it there also. Do you work in healthcare?

    I am currently looking for job in healthcare. I am Med. Asst by training.
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    Lucky you having some time off. I have been going year round since May 2008. Not healthcare per say, I am in the benefits/insurance industry and have been for almost 18 years. I did work as a nurse assitant and transporter a long time ago, 89-91 at Mo. Bap. Worked at St. Johns as a PCA for a few months in 2006 but couldn't do it financially although I loved, loved the job. I have taken all my classes at Maryville with the exception of one english class at STCC. I wasn't sure if I would make it in this year or not just because it is so competitive but I did keep my GPA up and have quite a few Maryville credits so I am sure that helped. Should be a good group for the Fall, I take classes with quite a few that have made it and I really like them all.
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    I am currently looking for job in healthcare field, many people out there looking for jobs also, pretty competitive. I also am going to look at various scholarships available. I don't want to take out a loan if i can help it. I am single so unless i find a job, nursing prog may have to be put on hold, i am praying...
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    Have you applied to the PCA positions they in the hospitals. Alot of the have training programs in house. You might have to apply several times and it could take a bit for them to get back to you but it can't hurt.