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I just finished my application process for Mid-America Nazarene University's Accelerated BSN program. Anyone out there who also applied or has completed the program? Waiting until July to hear back is going to be torture. That... Read More

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    Do you if they accepted the entire wait list for your year as well? I just got wait listed for Fall 2013 and I am wondering how my chances are of getting in. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    i sent you a friend request. I was wait listed and then just a few days ago accepted... have you heard anything
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    I accepted your request! I got accepted as well, I was so excited! Congrats!
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    I'm on the waiting list too, hopefully I get accepted.
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    Good luck and hope you get accepted too! Brennajean are you from around there or know of good places to live? I'm on the hunt now for housing!
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    Does anyone have any good suggestions on where to live or how to find other people in this program that are looking for a place to live?
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    Also for the people that have went through this program have any of you held a part time job while doing this program and if so how did that work out? I am trying to figure out if it would be at all possible
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    I know this post is fairly old but I wanted to know if any of you could post your experience as far as the application process. I am kind of confused on how the select students if you don't have to have your pre reqs completed unitl you before the start date. I want to apply here but I don't know that I have a good chance of getting in because I haven't completed all of the pre reqs. How was it for you?
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    I just got waitlisted for the Midamerica Nazarene University Accelerated Nursing for the first semester of 2014. Anyone else also on the waitlist?

    If anyone is in the program now please let me know! I would love to get a personal review on the program.
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    Hi everyone! I was just curious as to how everyone was able to afford the tuition? I have a previous bachelor's degree so as a "second degree seeking student" it is difficult to find scholarships/grants, etc. ANY advice would help thank you very much!

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