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Worried about possible future job

  1. 0 I am currently suspended without pay from my job based on accusations by a coworker for patient safety issues ( mostly charting errors) that she had been keeping track of since early Feb. this year and just turned in all her notes at once, which led my unit manager to turn over to HR. They got my side and are investigating my responses to all accusations. I am the third girl this girl has gone after this year. I have decided to get another job ( i have a feeling the end result of the investigation will be termination, because there were so many things she listed) but my question is, if they report me to the board for charting issues ( errors only, no false documentation) then will the board inform any new employer about any remediation I have to take issued from them? Its the VA ( the new job) and I hate to ruin any chance to have a career with them. I hate that they can tie up my life like this for things I did in error and not intentionally! I am glad however that someone FINALLY gave me a clue that my charting was not up to par so I can fix it...after 5 months...
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    Where do you work? I don't want to go somewhere that does not provide some sort of corrective procedure before disciniplary action.
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    such is the field of nursing...countless times have i heard stories such as this. for some ******* reason there has to be a nurse that wants to be a spy and keeps tracks of mistakes others make so she can report them to the bean counters. i cant recall anyother proffession where this happens on such a routine basis. i am gratefull this has never happened to me though i have seen it occur to other co-workers. ussually the culprit is a nurse that is lacking in some part of her personality and feels the need to be the unit snitch to make up for it. i think just about every hospital have 2-3 of them.if the ms bon gets ahold of this they can very well make things tough for you. i would certainly claim that i have been here for 5 months and never have been informed of my charting issues by my chain of command..its a shame a "snitcher" had to bring it to light. furthermore, you may be able to turn the table on the snitcher.. inform who ever investigates this as to why the snitcher did not inform you of your mistakes so corrective action could have taken place then instead of waiting x amount of time..that could very well be a saftey issue with the snitcher and should not be tollerated at all.
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    yes why would your co-worker not inform you that you were doing something wrong right then and instead let it continue? I believe the board would like to know that reason as well...If it came down to it i'd try my best to drag them down too.
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    Quote from BULLYDAWGRN
    yes why would your co-worker not inform you that you were doing something wrong right then and instead let it continue? I believe the board would like to know that reason as well...If it came down to it i'd try my best to drag them down too.
    I agree with you, there is a nurse where I work that was doing the exact same thing, looking for ways to get other nurses in trouble. She would make copies of med cards, trying to show that meds were not being given as ordered and a host of other things. One day a nurse made an error by giving someone elses narcotic to another resident, the doctor was notified and gave an order for a one time dose of the medication and the problem was handled and should not have had to go any further but this nurse went over the charge nurses authority and decided that it needed to be taken further and signed with the other nurse on the narcotic sheet that the med had been wasted. When she went running to the DON about it, the DON stated that this should have been discussed between the 2 nurses and the charge nurse and what ever the charge nurse decided that would be it.
    But "Nurse of the Year" had to push it further, so not only did the nurse she reported get written up but she did too for signing on the narcotic sheet that a pill was wasted when in fact it had been given, false documentation on her part. That is exactly what she deserved for going around telling on everyone that she could and not only that, she was made to take a 2 week leave because it had been discovered that she was making numerous med errors herself. I could never understand how another nurse has time to snoop and watch other nurses and be able to do their job too. But anyway, what goes around comes around. We as nurses should be helping one another not stabbing another nurse in the back for brownie points. These type nurses will only end up being alone in the work place because no one will be willing to help a nurse like this because they are still walking around with the knife that she put in their backs.