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  1. Hello! I'm a graduate nurse and I just had an interview with River Region Medical Center in Vicksburg, Ms. I feel positive about the interview and will gladly accept the position if offered. I was wondering what River Region is like to work for and if Clinton is a good place to commute from (good apartments?). I would be accepting a position on Med/Surg, not sure which floor. Thanks!
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  3. by   MS Kathy
    Every job- unit is what you make it. Right now I hear rumblings about the 36 hour work week that we just went too. I used to commute to Jackson but that got old so I had to take a break.

    As with any job- decide what you need and what will make you happy. That way you can know what you are willing to be negotiable on.
  4. by   AmberMay
    Thanks Kathy, and I do agree that what you put in is what you get out.

    I also like the G.E.M. program that they mentioned but can see how it would be a lot of extra time, it seems to be geared towards helping the community though. How does the 36 hrs work week work? Is it 3-12hr shifts and then just 4 days off? I'm sorry to ask such a seemingly silly question!
  5. by   AmberMay
    I did not see your message until today and I am unsure of how to reply! (I’m still trying to learn this site) Please let me know when you are working again. Thank you for being so helpful, it is much appreciated.
  6. by   MS Kathy
    Hi Amber,
    I'll be at work Monday night so anywhere from 8p-7a would be a good time to try.

  7. by   tamahene
    Hi AmberMay,
    Just wanted to know how ur interview went and if u are working at river region yet, If so how do u like it and what department r u working. I have heard some great things about River Region and if I was going to relocate it would be to work for a facility like this.Maybe you can fill me in on the many benefits they have and Is there alot of oportunity for growth? Also the best places to leave there. Please let know asap,
    Thanks again
  8. by   DanielSRN
    Hope you got the job Amber! I love working at River Region. I live in Clinton and the commute isn't too bad. I just knew there wasn't much to do in Vickburg so I decided to stay closer to Jackson. I love my coworkers. What unit will you be working on?
  9. by   Tre'RN
    start working at River Region tomorrow in ICU...can't wait!!!

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