UMC vs. St. Dominic, Jackson Mississippi

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    I have job offers at both UMC and St D and was wondering if anyone had ever worked at either or both and had any opinions on work environments.

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    I don't know your age or experience, but as a nurse close to retirement, I have wished many times that I had taken the offer from UMC back in the day. They offer excellent benefits and retirement. I work with nurses now who are in their early 40's, have retired and are drawing state retirement from UMC and working elsewhere.
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    I am a new grad (ADN), 31 years old. I have NICU at UMC or med-surg at St. D. I love the scheduling at St D its 12 hour days, 3 days a week, Mon-Fri. But the pay is a little more at UMC but the schedule is every other weekend and some nights. So it's going to come down to overall experience of work environment I guess. I have no idea what I want to do!!!
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    Oh my, NICU is my first love, so there would be no question there. I have worked every other weekend and nights as well and now work straight M-F. Also, it's 2 totally different environments.

    You are right, you're gonna have to decide what's works best for you. The beauty of nursing is that if you find after a few months that the job you choose is not a good fit you can move on.
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    So working both schedules, do you have any preference one over the other? Also can you tell me any good and bad things about NICU?
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    as far as schedules, working 12 hr weekends, you miss parties, cookouts, kid’s ballgames etc but you have time off during the week for dr appts, grocery shopping, class parties and field trips. weekends/nights all the "suits" are at home and there are fewer surgeries, diagnostic tests etc. during the week there are management folks nosing around, lots of visitors, x-ray, cath lab, etc etc. so it's a trade off. nowadays, so many people work weekends and nights that you don’t feel all alone in doing so.

    i will be prejudice because i love nicu. it is a place of unspeakable joy and overwhelming sadness, but fortunately the sadness is very rare and the joy awesomely frequent. it's a place where teenie, tiny babies survive and thrive, esp at umc where you will be on the cusp of all the new procedures and technology. it is a place where you can make a difference for a person's lifetime. i still have mamas of 20 yr olds meet me in the mall and thank me for caring for their baby. not a single patient i cared for in the 4 yrs i worked med/surg ever did that.

    just know that wherever you choose to work, you make your decision, go with it, and never look back. you can be a great nurse and make a difference any place you practice.
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    Hey, Amandagayle, I was curious to find out what you decided? Did you go with St. D or UMC?
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    St D due to schedule and the negatives I hear about UMC layoffs and bad morale. I take boards Saturday.
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    Well, I think you have thought it through, weighed it out, and made the right decision for yourself! Best wishes on boards and your new job!
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    I worked at UMC for 10 years same unit loved it. I have never worked at St D before but I have been a patient there and would choose UMC any day because I know my nurses. Yes UMC has had layoffs but no more nursing layoffs especially since they are still hiring. I love my docs they are great to work with.

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