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I have job offers at both UMC and St D and was wondering if anyone had ever worked at either or both and had any opinions on work environments.... Read More

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    Quote from amandagayle
    I have job offers at both UMC and St D and was wondering if anyone had ever worked at either or both and had any opinions on work environments.
    I've heard negatives about both UMC and St. Domonic. I have heard a surgeon say don't let the cross outside of St. Domonic fool you, there are some viscious people who work there. Also, I have a sister who works at UMC, and she said that there is a revolving door at UMC, and the reason why they have so many openings, is because people quit there frequently. Some people can't tolerate working there. Also, with the EPIC (electronic records system), everyone has to get on board and go through the training and pass certain tests. If they can't pass the tests, they could possibly get layed off. Anyway, I think you were in a catch 22 with having to choose between St. Domonic and UMC, because they both have their negatives. Also, one of my sister's friends worked in the NICU at UMC, and she was stressed out all the time and plus she had crazy schedules. A lot of the babies are drug babies on the NICU floor, and they cry constantly because of withdrawal symptoms. You see some sad situations on the NICU floor especially at UMC.
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    I worked at St D. for 3 yrs in ICU. Loved every min. Great organization to work for. Great people as well. My career path lead me to other things, or I would still be there. Nothing bad to ALL!
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    just to give everyone an update, I chose to go to work at Saint Dominic. I started off and med surg. the hospital made the decision to try to expand their women services and the floor I was on is the 1 they chose to convert to women's health. I am enjoying the challenge so it is a little different. And I have to say that this place has a lot of respect for their employees. They are constantly giving us things and always providing opportunities to learn. Most people here really like it.

    I have friends that started at UMC the same time I started here. Some love it, many do not. All in all i'm glad to be here at St. D.

    I am say thankful for everyone's comments and would love to continue to hear more.
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    Thank you for the update... So glad you are happy, challenged and respected where you are practicing. Wish you all the best!

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