Are there any Excelsior nurses in Mississippi - page 4

I am thinkning about going through EC for my RN degree. Has anyone from Mississippi gone through EC? Was it hard to get endorsed through MS?... Read More

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    I went to hinds cc too. Just graduated last month, and taking the boards on Feb. 4th. I am going to start excelsior immediately after taking the boards. Looking at the stuff for the first test, looks like a review of LPN school. I did see where that workshop was coming to jackson, but I think that might be a little too soon for me to take. well just let me know about the books and notes.

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    The nurses that have completed the program, I am curious how long it took you to finish?
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    Could someone tell me how the program works and where the clinicals are held at. I'm located in the northern part of the state, around Memphis,TN.

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    Are there in nurses in Miss that is in ISU (LPN-BSN) program?

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