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  1. 0 Hi everybody! I am a registered nurse in the Philippines.I am planning to take the CGFNS, NCLEX and IELTS, God willing by next year. i don't have any agency yet.have Several questions here:

    1. Do you necessarily have to take the CGFNS first before the NCLEX?
    2. Would it be posible to apply for NCLEX while applying for CGFNS, or do i still have to wait for the result of the CGFNS before i can start with the application for NCLEX?
    3. Any honest agencies you know? PM me!

    am planning to review intensively while waiting for the exam dates but i havne't even started filing the applications yet. i want to apply both exams around the same time so as to save time and money (Thanks Gwapo for the advice) and then take the exams consecutively.

    Hope i can get some more advice, this site is just great! thank you in advance!

    my heart is in Mississippi...
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