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  1. 0 I got my letter from MCC saying I'm an alternate for the program. I'm just trying to figure out how likely it is I'll end up being admitted. I already have a college degree, but have decided to go back for nursing so I thought I was over-qualified but I guess not.
    Anybody here that's in nursing school or that is a nurse start off as an alternate for school??? I need to cheer myself up!
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    was a army medic for a few yrs and rode with ems when i got out for about 1.5yrs before i applied. entrance was based on past gpa/act,entrance exam and interview. i was told by the program cordinator that around 300-350 applicants were sent in and 100 were invited for a interview. out of that 100, 45 were chosen. class graduated 26. when i compared my gpa/act to other classmates i was ashamed of myself. they had way better grades than i, so i guess i got in on interview and past work hx. who knows, nsg schools selection process is ussually "hush, hush". just keep plugging away.
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    I got the alternate letter also, in June 2007. Then a couple of weeks later, I got a phone call that I had a place if I wanted it. I am in my third semester now and I love it! Right now we are in the psych rotation (not my favorite), but I am plugging away anyway. I graduate in May 2009!

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