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just started ICC ....

  1. 0 in the RN program, Is there anyone else on here that just started ICC, I would like to meet someone else on here that is going there? I thought that I might know someone in my class, I know one person guess that is better than none.

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    Hey, I am probably in your class. Thanks for the heads up on the microbiology book (from another thread). How are you holding up? I am pretty overwhelmed myself.
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    everything is going good for now, i am not sure that i can hold working so much. i have the 8am class mwf and the 8am lab tr what about you? i was wondering if u had decided to stay and go to school there. how did you do on the test, it was not as bad as i thought but then again a girl know that is repeating the first year said that it was way easier this year than last year.

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    I didn't do so hot. I studied off of the handouts and I should have focused more on the book. Other than that, I am just now getting into a little routine. I'm not in any of yr classes, but maybe we can set up a little study group. I live right here in Fulton. Did you graduate IAHS 2000?
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    i was class of 2002. I should have studied more but you know how that goes. I did not go back through the book.