How are MS nurses amidst recession?

  1. Hallo everyone! How has been your day at work so far? Was wondering how is MS and MS nurse doing amidst all these recession news? I'll be moving to MS by September this year (still have to endorse my NCLEX-CA to MS) and was wondering if I'll be able to get a job there sooner (i easily get bored doing nothng!). Im currently unemployed though former employer asking me to go back (very nice royal family in the middle east).so its USA (no job yet) vs KSA(stable job as PDNplus touring with them across europe)..but MS weighs more coz a MIssissipian stole my heart!!!!!:heartbeat so I'll be there! hahaha! so just the same question : How is MS and MS nurses amidst the recession? (hmm..oh yea, just heard form the news today that even college grads are starting to be affected) was still thinking of holding on to the job offer at the palace just to have a source of income to help my future hubby with our future...
    thank you for all the reaction i can get!
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  3. by   MissRN0520
    oh, future hubby doesn't want me to go back to d palace...soooooo....heheh any advice from fellow nurses in my future home...wink?thank you!!!!!!

    *been around the globe, but there'd be no place like home....!
  4. by   southernbelle08
    I just got hired, so I know some places are still offering jobs. Good luck!
  5. by   MissRN0520
    thanks southern belle! you're one good sign here! thank you!
  6. by   TsavarenaRN
    Last I checked, central MS is still in need of nurses. Especially in long term care and psychiatric facilities. The medical hospitals in my area are still posting nurse openings also.

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