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Anyone know of any hospitals in the state that offer scholarships in return for a work commitment? Thanks! :)... Read More

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    SCRMC in Laurel has one and so does Forrest General in Hattiesburg. I also got a rural health scholarship of $500 in return for working in a rural area (anywhere but metro Jackson and Biloxi-Gulfport) for 6 months per $500. Good luck in school. I just finished my first semester of the ADN program at JCJC in Ellisville. :hatparty:

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    Quote from NP2BE
    every major hospital in the jackson/brandon area does. Also, don't make the same mistake I did, I missed out on 8K $ of free money, thats right, 8 K$ dollars of free money. Apply for the nursing scholarship at IHL (MS institute of higher learning). You just have to work 2 years in state full time as a nurse anywhere. after you graduate and you don't have to pay it back, you can get this IN ADDITION to hospital money. Apply early, there are limited funds. If you missed it for your first year, you can still get 4 K for your second year, Apply early, I missed it the first year, and applied to close to the deadline the second year and they ran out of money. OUCH! it is so easy too!
    Where can I find out how to apply for this. What a great thing.
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    Singing River Hospital System on the Gulf Coast.
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    I will be starting the ADN program in August '06 at Hinds, and am very interested in the Whitfield Ed Leave program. How did it work out for you?
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    I have a similar question. Is anyone aware, nurse or student, of a hospital in Philadelphia or Southern New Jersey, that will pay for nursing school in return for service after graduation? I am in urgent need for tuition to cover this years tuition.

    Any information will be appreciated.
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    Whitfield now pays $1200 a month, by the way.

    I know a recent LPN grad who just signed on with them to finish his RN degree.

    I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I live too far from Whitfield. They do have other facilities, but none too close to me on the coast.
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    I see this is an old post....Does Whitfield still do this?
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    As stated by the previous poster, I know this post is old but I am also wondering if anyone knows if hospitals are still offering these scholarships. I've searched their individual websites and found nothing. Once I receive an acceptance letter I plan on making phone calls to several hospitals. However, until then I'll appreciate any insight. Thanks
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    Hello! I too am wondering about the hospital scholarships still being offered. I've called three hospitals: Baptist Desoto which is currently not offering it due to a surplus of students receiving it but a shortage of job openings being available to them after graduation, Bolivar Medical no longer offers it, and Baptist in Jackson offers it but only to students pursuing a BSN degree. I'm looking everywhere for money! Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    A friend of mine says that Whitfield still offers a scholarship package.

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