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    Received my acceptance last Saturday, so I start the ADN program this fall, after taking A&P this summer. Older (47) male student, so I am quite nontraditional for nursing. Heck, at 47, I' rather nontraditional for anything.

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    Hey I have just recently completed my apllication proceess to get into the PN program at Holmes. Just needed to see if anyone had to take the compass/esl test to be accepted. I am waiting on my acceptance letter in nthe mail but have doubts about my scores on the test. My writing/english score was 94, reading, 87, but algebra was a 64. Would you think of these if their only choosing 40 students out of 90 something that took the test?
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    msdiva, I don't have an answer for you on the likelihood of acceptance.

    To which campus did you apply? Ridgeland, Holes, Grenada?
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    hey I'm waiting on my letter to for the pn program at holmes ridgeland. they said we should know by the end of this month. are you looking to any of the hospitals for scholarship help?
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    Umm, this is my first post, hope I'm getting it right

    I've just completed my pre-req's for nursing (2 year program to become a RN) and I now need to take my ACT's. I was just wondering from those of you that have recently been accepted into the program, what did your math ACT scores look like. I know I'll do fine in english and reading, I'm just worried about the math.

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    Whichever you apply Hinds or Holmes-stay on top of it and check on you application often. You're likely to get different answers on status according to who you talk to!!

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