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Does anyone work in a hospital owned by HMA (Health Management Associates, Inc.)? If so, are they "employee-friendly"? What kind of staff to pt ratios do you have in your area? Are there things that... Read More

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    Stay away, profit and good care don't mix well with this organization.
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    In response to the HMA question, no this is not the type of organization you want to provide quality care for. I can only speak to the hospital in Florida where I had worked for 10 years before HMA moved in, but almost immediately the hospital declined. We were promised "no changes" in the first year; no one would lose their job, etc. In less than a month, HMA had fired everyone in our transcription department and replaced them with a subcontractor. Likewise, within 8 months, the same had happened to our housekeeping, food service, and biomedical engineering departments. The staffing ratio on our floor (medical/surgical/telemetry/stepdown) had gone from 5-1 to 9-1. Older nurses were harassed, giving us no choice but to resign, and newer cheaper nurses were hired. Money was spent hand over fist to "redecorate" our lobby which had just been redecorated 3 years ago, while patient care equipment continued to break and not be replaced. Basically, their philosophy is the same as many airlines- it's cheaper to pay out a lawsuit than to pay for staff, equipment, and safety. I'm glad I'm out, I found a much better job with a company that actually cares about their clients and employees, and I wish I had done that from day 1.
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    NEVER EVER EVER work for HMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Was this for a hospital in MS?
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    Okay, now I am freaked out. I just got a job at a HMA hospital in MS. Is it really that bad? Does anyone else work in a HMA hospital in MS?

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