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Hello everyone, im starting the lpn program at hinds cc (vicksburg campus) in the spring and wanted to know if anyone else was starting also?... Read More

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    Ash, my department is #610. The director's name is Debbie Killen. The staffing coordinator is Janice. She handles all of the nursing/staff for the 4th, 5th, and 6th floor. Call 883-5000, and ask for the "nursing" staff coordinator. Make sure you tell them nursing...if not, you'll be transferred to the hospital staffing coordinator. Ask Janice to please pull you application and give it to Debbie. You do realize that 4th floor has 3/2 split (12 hours shifts)? Go back online and see is there is an opening for 610. If you get this message in time, call today. I have clinicals tomorrow on 5th; so maybe I can run downstairs and ask Janice or Debbie if they've spoken with you.

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    I will call right after class tomorrow.. thank you so much.. I want a job there so bad.. who do you have for clinicals? oh well if your on 5th im guessing you have mrs. e. i loved her.. she was so laid back.. they all are really...

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