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Hello everyone, im starting the lpn program at hinds cc (vicksburg campus) in the spring and wanted to know if anyone else was starting also?... Read More

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    Hello everybody I hope everyone's first week went well. If you are anything like me u are probably doggg tired. I am glad to say that I have some great teachers that are willing to help. Sooo tonight im going to take a load off and breathe. Just tonight only I have to hit it tomorrow. We have 2 test on Thursday.

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    I am new on here, but I was reading the other post. I just graduated from Hinds in Dec. I attended the Vicksburg campus. I dont understand why they have such a bad reputation. I dont think it was that bad. I mean my first semester wasnt all that great, but it all depends on the teachers. The program itself is not bad at all, you just have to have someone that knows what they are talking about to teach the classes. So to everyone starting or the ones that are already in there, good luck! Just a bit of advice, if the teacher says know this or over emphasizes something.. more than likely its on the test. I take boards on Thursday by the way so keep me in your prayers! thanks
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    Are you having to drive to Baton Rouge, Memphis, etc...or did you wait on the Ridgeland location? I ran into a few graduates from December. They told me they were eager to test last week, so they drove a few hours to get the quickest spot.
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    I am taking the test in Jackson. A few ppl have taken theirs but no one has gotten results.. so that could either mean they failed or results have not been posted..how is second semester for you?
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    Actually, I'm a bit disappointed. I thought second semester would be a lot better...relative to the lecture formats; but it seems to be more of the same (flipping through powerpoints, with dull lecture). It is a lot a information to process at one time as well. The instructors split the courses in one day, so...I'm trying to break this terrible "digestive" chapter down! It's kinda stressing me out. I was highlighting as Mrs. T lectured, and ended up highlighting 98% of the text (LOL).
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    well she does say everything in the chapter,but she will over emphasize or say you need to know this if it is on the test.. i will look at my book and see what i have in there on that if you want..
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    BLESS YOU! Seriously, how was your test today? Did it cut off quickly...or did you go in the higher numbers? I've talked to a couple of folks who said they ended up with like 200 questions.
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    I was not really paying attention to my number of questions but it was somewhere between 150 and 170 questions.. but luckily I PASSSSSED! I am not even going to lie though.. It was so hard.. unlike anything I had ever seen before. So you need to start now just answering questions.. I mean i didnt study any content i strictly answered questions.. If you have any questions at all just let me know.. And if you are who i think you are ha.. i need a job at the hospital and i dont know who to talk too.. i have applied online but no luck yet.. so i want to talk to someone so if you can just maybe let me know of someone if you know.. thanks a bunch,,,
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    LOL...I think I "am" who you think I am. Congratulations! Now...are you willing to work med-surge? I don't know many people in the other areas (clinic and such). When did you submit your application? Will you have your IV certification when you get your license? You did your clinicals on the floor I work on...right? When you submitted your application, what department did you apply for? Go back and look at it; there should be a number (611, 610, 700, etc...).

    Let me know.
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    I do want to work med surg.. i have applied to 611 and 612.. the opening on there for 611 isnt available anymore, but yes i will be iv certified... ihave called the 6th floor director like twice but she has still not returned my calls.. so i dont know.. i hate the application process.. i feel like they should at least like let you know something..

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