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    Hi all,

    I've been trying for a little over a year now to get even a toe in the door of the ER but with no success yet. Recently, I've gotten emails from a Garden Park Medical Center HR Rep who seems very receptive to me. She told me that I seemed a fairly good candidate and told me to put in an app so I can be considered straight away the next time a spot comes open. Anyway, I have had limited experience with this hospital. I did a very short clinical rotation there, which included maybe 4 hrs in their ER. I had a good experience, but 4 hrs isn't much to base one's opinion on, especially sinece that was about 3-4 yrs ago now. So I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on them. Good/bad pay, working conditions, etc. Thanks to all who haven't fallen asleep reading this!

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    Oh, and I suppose I should have mentioned that it's Garden Park in Gulfport, MS. Sorry. It's late...
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    I worked at Garden Park as a LPN for over 3 years. I loved it there. I worked Ortho and med/surg. The RN pay isn't the best from what I hear but the working environment is great. I would go back in a minute. In fact, i'm moving back to south Miss. soon and will be applying for a RN position there. Good luck!
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    Cool. I had a brief clinical experience there in RN school, but that's pretty much it. I guess you trade the pay for the nice environment to work in, which is fine by me. I work at the best payer right now, so what does that tell you about my environment?.......

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