Anyone heard anything from Northwest MS CC LPN

  1. Any letters, calls....from Northwest lpn program for Fall 2012 yet?
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  3. by   Jmpwells
    My friend had gotten her denial at the end of last month, if that helps. Other than that, I would call or email my advisor if I were you. Hope this helps!
  4. by   soon2bnurseV
    Thanks, Jmpwells and your friend did receive a denial letter for the lpn program at the end of April. OMG I haven't heard anything from the LPN program as of yet. I applied to both the RN and LPN program and I did receive a denial letter for the RN program I got that letter in march, I think. I can tell you little about the RN program. It is very very very competitive the main thing they look at is your ACT and your TEAS reading and math scores. For the ACT if your are in the high 20ish then thats a plus and for the TEAS I suggest your score as high as your can because you don't know what the others who tested scored I think as long as your get into the high 80's and 90's you are good. Is your friend on this website.
  5. by   CgMoM09
    Quote from soon2bnurseV
    Any letters, calls....from Northwest lpn program for Fall 2012 yet?
    I also applied to the RN and received a denial letter. I am seeking the LPN too NurseV! Best of luck and we should keep posted. I have a couple friends in the program now. They said we shouldn't receive a letter until like the 2nd week in June. I know.. Im tired of waiting!!
  6. by   CgMoM09
    Has anyone heard yet?
  7. by   philanahopefulrn
    I got accepted in the lpn program for fall oxford campus!!
  8. by   CgMoM09
    Thats good philana!!!!! Congrats. I haven't heard anything yet.
  9. by   CgMoM09
    I got a letter today saying I was alternate. Good luck to the rest of you~

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